brow lamination


What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a chemical process that uses two solutions to soften the hair (step 1) and then makes the hair set in the direction you want (step 2). The process ends with regenerating cream which helps seal in the effects of step 1 and 2 as well as moisturizing and nourishing the brow.

Brow lamination aftercare:

  • you cannot get them wet for 24 hours. (Showers, face washing, sweating, steam etc)
  • do keep them brushed and in place the first 24 hours. They may get knocked down from changing clothes, or you accidentally touch them, this is the setting period and you want them to be styled how you want them to set.

Aftercare after 24 hours:

  • when brows are wet (after shower, washing face, etc) brush brows and style while wet. Brush them up and out this helps to prevent kinks and you can also work out any kinks you may have in brow hairs.
  • use castor oil nightly on your brows. (Or mornings if you prefer)
  • use a small amount of the Olaplex provided 2-3x weekly minimum, after you shower
  • brow laminations typically last between 6-8 weeks and I do recommend a touch up wax/tint at the 3-4 week mark in between appointments.

Extra Styling tips

  • you can still use brow gel/brow soap to keep your brows in place during the day.
  • brow soap can be used when the lamination is starting to wear off and can give you that laminated look for in between visits.


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